How to Set Up a Limited Liability Company (LLC)

I have been thinking about setting up a Limited Liability Company (LLC) for my web business to limit my personal liability risk.  An LLC is an attractive option for incorporating a small business, because it offers the same personal liability protection as a corporation, but the pass-through taxation of a partnership or an S-corporation. For … Read moreHow to Set Up a Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Big Bath Accounting Fraud

Big Bath Accounting Fraud 5

One of the hardest accounting frauds to spot is big bath accounting. When a company is doing really bad and has no chance of meeting earning expectations, unscrupulous management would begin writing-off every expense and asset they could imagine. As a result, future expenses are reduced significantly and naturally earnings increase. In other words, the … Read moreBig Bath Accounting Fraud

Where to Sell Used Books and Textbooks Online

Selling used books is a good way to declutter your home and get some money for books that you probably won’t read again.  This is even more important for college students because you could sell textbooks for a lot more than normal books, but you’ll have to do it quick because textbooks become outdated and … Read moreWhere to Sell Used Books and Textbooks Online