My First Week as a Real Estate Agent

A few months ago, I decided to quit my Executive position at a small internet publishing firm. I knew I didn’t want to jump into another 40-hours-behind-the-desk job right away, so I decided to pursue a career in real estate. I thought it might synergize well with my small portfolio of rental properties that I … Read more

How to Ask for a Pay Raise

How to Ask for a Pay Raise 6

How to ask for a pay raise? That’s the question that always comes up one time or another during your career. Maybe you think you are underpaid, or your skills and responsibilities have grown, or you simply need more money. Here are some tips on doing your research, preparing for a salary negotiation, negotiating techniques, … Read more

9 Job Hunting Tips For Facebook Users

9 Job Hunting Tips For Facebook Users 9

A few weeks ago I received an email.  In the email I was asked to give a reference for two individuals who were applying for the same job.  That’s not really unusual, right? We’ll, here’s the kicker.  (I hope this doesn’t get too complicated …) One of the key decision maker’s daughter and I are … Read more