Standard vs Itemized Tax Deductions, Which is Better?

Understanding the many tax deductions can be nothing short of a minefield, and many taxpayers are unaware of the many deductions that can be used to legally reduce your tax bill. This article highlights just a few of the tax deductions that you can claim if your circumstances lend themselves. Standard Deductions A standard deduction … Read more

Additional Income: Is It Taxable?

Additional Income: Is It Taxable? 1

We’ve briefly touched on the topic of paying income taxes on eBay sales in the past, but a lot of people are unsure as to whether additional income in general needs to be reported to the IRS. By additional income, I’m referring to anything that’s not part of your usual pay packet, which can include … Read more

Tax Diversification — Why It Pays to Tax Diversify

Tax Diversification -- Why It Pays to Tax Diversify 2

We hear a lot about diversifying across asset classes — owning stocks, bonds, real estate, etc. We also hear a lot about diversifying within asset classes — owning mutual funds of hundreds of stocks rather than owning a few individual stocks. But there’s another, lesser-known form of diversification from which you could benefit: Tax diversification. … Read more

Self-Employment, Estimated Tax, and Safe Harbor

Unlike my regular job, where my employer withhold a portion of my salary to pay various taxes — i.e., Federal, State, City, Social Security, and Medicare — there’s no tax withholding for my self-employment income.  To avoid any penalty, I have to pay self-employment tax and make estimated tax payments four times a year.  However, … Read more