Strategies to Reduce Taxes on Social Security Benefits

One of the items that many people rely on for retirement planning is Social Security. You know that you will likely receive Social Security benefits (although they might be reduced). However, Social Security benefits are also among the surprising things you pay taxes on. Depending on your income level, and where that money is coming … Read more

Do You Need to Pay Quarterly Estimated Taxes?


I have been running my home business for almost six years now. As a result, I am well acquainted with the concept of paying quarterly estimated taxes. Paying quarterly estimated taxes not only keeps the IRS off your back, but it also helps you avoid a huge — and sometimes inconvenient — tax bill each … Read more

What is a 1099-K and What You Need to Know

What is a 1099-K and What You Need to Know 7

If you drive for Uber or Lyft, sell stuff on Amazon or eBay, or process sales through online payment processors like Square and PayPal; there is a good chance that you received a 1099-K form this year. If you received one and don’t know what it is, it is critical you have a full understanding … Read more