Cash Envelope Budgeting System

Following up on my how to create a budget article, I want to share with you a budgeting method called the cash envelope budgeting system. The envelope system of budgeting has been around for long time (it’s believed to have started during the Great Depression). However, it became more popular when Dave Ramsey preached it … Read more

How to Improve Your Cash Flow

How to Improve Your Cash Flow 5

I believe that cash flow is one of the most powerful concepts in personal finance. People have a general feel about their personal finance — e.g., whether they are comfortable or are struggling. Unfortunately, not too many people truly understand cash flow and how important it is to your finances. When you understand the concept … Read more

Budgeting: How to Make a Budget

Budgeting: How to Make a Budget 8

A budget is a plan to help you balance your income against your expenses. At the minimum, your goal to try to break even each month so you can stay out of debt. However, a good budget should let you to save some money each month so that you can start building your wealth. Creating … Read more