Retirement Savings versus Student Loans

Retirement Savings versus Student Loans 1

Prioritizing retirement savings against paying down student loans is a very common money management question for young workers today. This wasn’t the case in prior generations where college graduates start their first job with less student loans and were offered pension as part of their benefits package. Photo by Grisei via Flickr When I started … Read moreRetirement Savings versus Student Loans

What is Debt-To-Income Ratio (DTI Ratio)?

For someone who doesn’t carry a lot of debt, I didn’t give Debt-to-Income Ratio a serious thought until I start lending money on peer-to-peer lending networks — i.e., Prosper and Lending Club. The truth is, DTI is important; especially in the business of borrowing and lending money. Definition of Debt-To-Income Ratios (DTI) Debt-to-income ratio, or … Read moreWhat is Debt-To-Income Ratio (DTI Ratio)?