Best CD Rates for May 2020

The following is a list of the nationally available highest yields CD rates. In general, certificates of deposit (CDs) are great short-term investments because your principal is protected by FDIC insurance and your interest rates are guaranteed. Moreover, you can use a CD Ladder to make your CD savings more flexible and effective. You can … Read more

How to Write a Check and Balance Your Checkbook

Important Information on a Check

Although online payment is prevalent nowadays, you may still find yourself in a situation where you need to write a check. For example, when you pay a contractor that doesn’t take a credit card payment or when you write a deposit check for your home purchase. If you are not familiar with how to write … Read more

How to Build a CD Ladder

How to Build a CD Ladder 7

Investing in the stock market could be a bumpy ride. If you’re looking for something a little more predictable and generate a steady interest income, investing in Certificates of Deposit might be a good option for you. This is especially true if you cannot afford to lose what you currently have, or if you are … Read more

Why Haven’t You Ditched Your Bank for a Credit Union?

Why Haven't You Ditched Your Bank for a Credit Union? 10

In reaction to the financial crisis, the Federal Government instituted changes within the financial industry. Banks have reacted to this and passed along some of the expenses associated with the new regulations, even things like maintenance fees to simply have a bank account. Many bank customers are unsure of where to turn when dissatisfied with … Read more