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Money Management

  • Personal Capital – Link to your bank and investment accounts and be able to
    • Manage Cash Flow – see your income vs expenses. Note that it is not a full-fledged budgeting software so you cannot make adjustments or manual entries.  See How to Improve Your Cash Flow.
    • Analyze Investment Expenses – Use their Investment Checkup feature to analyze your investment expense. See How 1% Expense Ratio Kills Your Investment Returns.
    • Asset Allocation – This is an easy way to track how you’re investing across US Sectors and different asset classes.
    • Retirement Planner – This program has a good retirement planning tool to show you how likely you’re to hit your retirement goal based on your current investments, income, and expected expenses.
  • Morningstar’s Portfolio X-Ray Tool – This is one of the best asset allocation tool out there. It allows you to see how you’re investing across the globe, sectors and different asset classes. See Asset Allocation, Diversification, and Rebalancing.
  • Net Worth Calculators

Real Estate

  • Rentometer – Just enter your address and the number of bedrooms. Rentometer then provide you with the rental average and median rental prices in the area.