How to Write a Check and Balance Your Checkbook

Important Information on a Check

Although online payment is prevalent nowadays, you may still find yourself in a situation where you need to write a check. For example, when you pay a contractor that doesn’t take a credit card payment or when you write a deposit check for your home purchase. If you are not familiar with how to write … Read more

What are Mutual Fund Expense Ratio and Fees?

A mutual fund represents money contributed by multiple investors.  That money is managed by an individual, or more likely, a whole slew of individuals.  Not surprisingly, those folks who help manage and oversee your money do not do it on a volunteer basis.  They get paid.  Do you want to guess who pays them?  You … Read more

9 Job Hunting Tips For Facebook Users

9 Job Hunting Tips For Facebook Users 5

A few weeks ago I received an email.  In the email I was asked to give a reference for two individuals who were applying for the same job.  That’s not really unusual, right? We’ll, here’s the kicker.  (I hope this doesn’t get too complicated …) One of the key decision maker’s daughter and I are … Read more

The Secret to Spending Less Than You Earn

The Secret to Spending Less Than You Earn 7

If you read enough personal finance blogs, you’ll see a common theme and the number one answer to your financial dilemma — “Spend Less than You Earn.” Unfortunately, it’s easier said than done; otherwise, we wouldn’t have this rampant debt problem in our society. Fortunately, I went through this myself, and over the years, I’ve … Read more