What is Your Thought on Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)?

Recently, I wrote about lending money on Prosper, which is one of the many peer-to-peer lending networks that are popping up everywhere. The post itself didn’t say anything about socially responsible investing (also known as, SRI, morally responsible investing or ethical investing). However, a lively discussion on this topic came up when Kevin stated his … Read more

Dave Ramsey’s College Savings Advice

Dave Ramsey's College Savings Advice 1

On Monday night, I stumbled upon the Dave Ramsey Prime Time on Fox Business Network Show and stopped channel surfing to watch it. I heard about Dave Ramsey through my friends — many of whom greatly admire him (e.g., Ana, Randall, Lynnae, Gibble, and Mrs. Micah). Personally, I like how he helps thousands of people get … Read more

Quick Wins, Pareto, and Personal Finance

Quick Wins, Pareto, and Personal Finance 2

In “Using Pareto Principle to Improve Personal Finance” post, I demonstrated how we could use the Pareto principal to focus our limited resources on the things that will give us the most benefits. Raymond from Money Blue Book commented: Interesting concept — so is it suggesting that I would be better of not trying to … Read more

The Three Stonecutters

When I mentioned that I failed to get into a medical school, Jonathan of My Money Blog said, “The main thing is that if you go into medicine for the money, you’ll be much less likely to succeed and the money won’t be worth it.” I fully agree with his comment and it reminds me … Read more

Top 10 Money Wasters, Are You Guilty?

There are numerous posts and articles on this topic, but what the heck I will add some more to the information highway. From my personal experience, I can sincerely say these are the biggest money wasters around (not in any order): Memberships that you never use — e.g., gym membership anyone? Subscriptions that you never … Read more

35 Rules of Common Sense Investing

investing in stock market

I have been investing in the stock market for nearly ten years and acquired quite a bit of experience and knowledge (mainly through making mistakes). I’ve never codified on a piece of paper until today. Before I begin, I want to give credit where credit is due. This post was inspired by CommodityWorld.com’s Common Sense … Read more