Can you draw unemployment and social security at the same time?


Can you draw unemployment and social security at the same time?

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According to SSA.gov:

Unemployment insurance benefits are not counted under the Social Security annual earnings test and therefore do not affect your receipt of Social Security benefits. However, the unemployment benefit amount of an individual may be reduced by the receipt of a pension or other retirement income, including Social Security and Railroad Retirement benefits.

You should contact your state unemployment office for information on how your state applies the reduction. You can find contact information at the Careeronestop Pathways to Career Success website.

So, collecting unemployment insurance benefits do not affect your social security benefits, but the reverse is governed at the State level. For example, from NYS Department of Labor:

Q: Does receiving Social Security affect my benefits?

A: We do not reduce your unemployment benefits because you collect Social Security. You must be able to work and be looking for work with no restrictions when you receive Social Security.

So check with your State unemployment office and you should be able to determine the correct answer for you.

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