Sales Tax Holidays for Back-to-School Shopping and Online Coupons

I received an informative message from BargainJill.com about a tax-free weekend in August that will happen in 13 states. During the month of August, Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia are offering a tax-free weekend on clothing and/or school supplies. For more details, see the table below and click on the link for the specific rules.

Note: Some states impose maximum allowance per item on certain type of products. In these cases, the number is included in the parenthesis next to the item. Be sure to check your State’s information page for more details.

2011 Sales Tax Holiday Calendar by State

State Items and (Maximum Cost per Item) 2011 Dates More Information
Alabama books ($30), clothing ($100), computers ($750), and school supplies ($50) Aug. 5-7 revenue.alabama.gov
Arkansas clothing and footwear ($100), clothing accessories ($50), school supplies, art supplies, and school instructional material Aug. 6-7 www.dfa.arkansas.gov
Connecticut clothing and footwear ($300) Aug. 21-27 www.ct.gov
Florida books, clothing ($75), and school supplies ($15) Aug. 12-14 dor.myflorida.com
Iowa clothing ($100) Aug. 5-6 www.iowa.gov
Louisiana most items ($2,500) Aug. 5-6 revenue.louisiana.gov
Maryland clothing and footwear ($100) Aug. 14-20 www.marylandtaxes.com
Missouri clothing ($100), computers ($3,500), and school supplies ($50) Aug. 5-7 dor.mo.gov
New Mexico clothing ($100), computers ($1,000), and school supplies ($15) Aug. 5-7 www.tax.newmexico.gov
North Carolina clothing ($100), computers ($3,500), computer supplies ($250), school supplies ($100), instructional material ($300), and sports equip ($50) Aug. 5-7 www.dornc.com
Oklahoma clothing ($100) Aug. 5-7 www.tax.ok.gov
South Carolina clothing, computers, school supplies, and others Aug. 5-7 www.sctax.org
Tennessee clothing ($100), computers ($1,500), and school supplies ($100) Aug. 5-7 tn.gov
Texas clothing, backpacks, and school supplies ($100) Aug. 19-21 www.window.state.tx.us
Virginia clothing ($100) and school supplies ($20) Aug. 5-7 www.tax.virginia.gov

More Ways to Save

If your State does not offer a Sales Tax Holiday, do not worry…here are some more ways to save.

Cash Back Reward Credit Card

If you always pay off your credit card in full, a good way to get a few more dollars out of the deal is to use a cash back credit card for your back-to-school purchases. The average reward is currently 1%; however, you can save 5% if you shop at Target with their REDcard.

Back-to-School Promotions

Many retailers are currently advertising back-to-school specials (see our back-to-school promotions page). These sales are typically 10-20% off the retail price and can save you significant money. Here are some popular retailers that participate in back-to-school sales:

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