3 Steps to Overcome Your Financial Fears

3 Steps to Overcome Your Financial Fears

Many of us have financial fears. These financial fears can come in many forms.You might be stressed about your current money situation. Perhaps the state of the economy is causing some anxiety for the future. In some cases, financial fears are more about making decisions with money, rather than being focused on a particular situation. In order for you to overcome your financial fears, you will need to be honest — stare your financial fears in the face.

Why Are You Afraid?

The first step is to identify why you are afraid. If your company just announced lay offs, that might be a reason that you feel anxiety for your financial future. Perhaps you have a great deal of debt, and you are afraid that one financial setback will tip you over the age. Many people are paralyzed by information when it comes to make investing decisions, or concerned about possible losses.

Take a look at your fear, and try to put a name to it. Figure out why you are afraid. Once you know the cause of your financial fear, you can begin to take action to address the problem.

Create an Action Plan

One of the best ways to overcome any fear is to do something about it. In many cases, part of the fear we feel comes from a lack of perceived control. Creating an action plan can help you take steps toward remedying the situation, helping you overcome your fears. Decide what you can do to improve your situation. If you are concerned about losing your job, start now to update your resume and reach out to your network. You will feel better knowing that you are already in a stronger position for a new job. I had a great deal of debt just after my marriage. I was scared about our financial situation. When I sat down and worked out an achievable debt repayment plan, I felt much better. As I followed the plan, my fear dissipated.

Whether you are investing, worried about retirement, or concerned about your job, a plan of action can help. Make sure it is doable, and immediately begin following your plan.

Develop Good Financial Habits

In order to truly overcome many of your financial fears, you will need to develop good financial habits. If you adjust your money behaviors so that you are living within your means, and working to eliminate debt, that can go a long way toward helping you feel better about your situation. Building up an emergency fund can provide you with peace of mind, whether you are facing an economic recession, or an expensive car repair. Choosing an index fund and using dollar cost averaging, can be one way to help you overcome some of your investing fears. No matter your worries, following good financial habits can put you on a path to financial freedom, as well as help assuage your fears.

In the end, you need to pinpoint your fears, and then confront them. Once you do that, you should be able to move forward to a brighter financial future.

3 thoughts on “3 Steps to Overcome Your Financial Fears”

  1. Thanks for the link on good financial habits! It was really beneficial reading this. I’m trying to change the way I do savings and spending and it helped to just stop and look at the problem instead of being afraid of it.

  2. Preparation, education and practice are very important things to overcoming our financial fears. Creating action plans is a great way to have confidence in our journey to financial freedom. And we must stick to those plans to ensure that we reach our goals.

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