How to Find Cheap Gift Cards and Save Money

While gift cards are often associated with gifts and presents for people you care about, gift cards can also be a great way to save money on almost anything. As long as the store has a gift card or gift certificate program, you stand a chance of saving money. Below are some reasons why you might want to use gift cards, and tips on how to get them for less than their face value.

Gift Cards

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Reasons to Buy Gift Cards

As a Gift

Cheap gift cards are perfect, especially with the current state of the economy. When the time comes to get a present for a friend or loved one, looking for gift cards to stores you know they enjoy going is always a good idea. It’s an even better idea if you don’t have to spend a huge chunk of change on it. Gift cards afford the recipient the opportunity to buy themselves anything they want. In times like these, gift cards are always much appreciated as they can sometimes mean the difference between a person paying their overdue bills or purchasing much needed food for themselves and their family.

For Personal Use

Gift cards are sometimes purchased for personal use. If you have a specific budget to spend on home renovation for example, you can buy a gift card to Home Depot for that amount. This way, you know you are sticking to your budget and won’t be spending any more than needed. Also, buying a discounted gift card where the card sells for as low as 70% of its face value is a great way to save and stretch your money further.

Tips on Buying Cheap Gift Cards

  1. Converting your reward points to gift cards. If you are a regular shopper at a store, you often rack up reward points. Best Buy for example, gives rewards points to regular shoppers after each purchase. After a while, these rewards points can be used to buy other products after they have added up. There are also many stores that offer the shopper gift cards as a way to liquidate their rewards points. That’s one great way of getting yourself a gift card.
  2. Buy gift cards that are selling at a discount. Going online and buying discount gift cards can help you save up to 50% of your original budget. If you wanted to buy electronics for your new apartment, buying gift cards to Best Buy at up to 30% discount and combining them with coupons or promotions can lead to a whole lot of money saved.
  3. When buying gift cards to a particular store, an all-inclusive retailer like Target or Walmart are great choices. These retailers offer customers a wide variety of products at low prices for almost anything from groceries to toys and games. Often times, these large retailers will provide discounts if you buy certain denominations of cards so you end up paying much less than the face value. These retailers are also extremely flexible with their buying options as well.
  4. Your local bank is another great place to find cheap gift cards. There are many banks that sell gift cards and prepaid cards to AMEX, Visa and MasterCard. These cards are great because they are not to any one particular store, and can be used for pretty much any purpose at any store that accepts credit cards. They work just like credit cards and can be used to purchase just about anything.

Whether you are buying gift cards for a loved one or just for yourself, it’s smart to look for ways of buying the cards at a discount. Combining these gift cards with promos and coupons provide even deeper savings opportunity.

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