How to Create 1099-MISC Forms and File Online with the IRS

How to Create 1099-MISC Forms and File Online with the IRS

If you hired contractors to perform work for you, you will have to create a 1099-MISC form for each contractor that you paid $600 or more to over the course of the year. These forms have to be mailed out to your contractors before January 31st and filed with the IRS before February 28th (March 31st if you E-File).  Traditionally, you have a choice of paying someone to create and file these 1099-MISC forms for you, or you could order blanks from the IRS and fill them out yourself — the first option is expensive and the second is inconvenient.

Fortunately, there is a third option made possible by Intuit. Intuit provides a 1099-MISC E-File Service that lets you create and print 1099-MISC for all your contractors and automatically file them to the IRS. Currently, they are running a promotion and the service will only cost you $25 before January 15th ($39 afterward). This is the option that I went with for my business.

Intuit’s 1099-MISC E-File Service Step-by-step Guide

The service is very easy to use. To give you an idea how it works, here’s a brief walk-through.

Sign Up

If you already have an account from last year, you can just log in and reuse all the previously entered data. Otherwise, you will have to sign up for a new account following the instruction below:

  • Go to the sign up page and click the “Sign Up Now” button.
  • Enter your email address, selection “No, I’m a new customer”, and click the “Sign In” button
  • Enter your account information. This includes password, first name, last name, your business name, and phone number
  • Agree to the Terms & Conditions, then proceed to the next step.

Enter Your Business Information

Next, you can choose to import QuickBooks for Windows data or enter your company data yourself. I went with the second option since I do not use QuickBooks. Information you need to enter includes:

  • Business and contact information
  • Your enter EIN or SSN
  • Filing name
  • Address

Enter 1099-MISC Information

Next, you enter all the 1099-MISC information. For each form, you will have to enter the following information:

  • Select business or individual for each contractor
    • If your contractor is a business, enter the business name and EIN
    • If your contractor is an individual, enter the name and SSN
  • Enter the recipient’s address
  • Enter the amount paid in 2011. Intuit default this to Box 7, which is the most common and usually the only box you have to fill. If you need to enter more information, you can expand the field to show all boxes.
  • Click the OK button


When you finish entering all the 1099-MISC forms, select Continue and enter your credit card information Once you approve the payment, you can print the 1099-MISC forms and send them your contractors. You can also print out another set for your record.

Since it is fairly simple to print these forms as a PDF file, I sent each of my contractor a PDF file to review prior to E-Filing. You can use free software like Primo PDF to break up the larger file you get from Intuit.


The final step in the process is send Copy A of Form 1099 to the IRS. This step is very simple. All you have to do is click on E-File and then Submit. The service will automatically send all the necessary information to the IRS. Here are a few important things to keep in mind.

  • You can wait until a few days before March 31st to submit. This is a good idea because you can’t make any correction once you E-File through Intuit’s service (but you can continue to submit additional 1099s up until the IRS e-file deadline).
  • You must check with your state tax agency about additional 1099-MISC requirements. The IRS will share your 1099 information with your state tax agency, but you may have additional state reporting requirements.
  • If you E-File, you do not have to submit Form 1096 — it’s not required when you E-File.

Screen Shot of the Main Screen

How to Create 1099-MISC Forms and File Online with the IRS 1


Here are the important deadlines that you should be aware of:

Date Note
January 15, 2012 Last day to E-File and get the early bird discount
January 31, 2012 IRS deadline for mailing printed copies to contractors
February 28, 2012 IRS deadline for filing paper 1099-MISC and 1096 forms (if you do not E-File)
March 31, 2012 at 5 PM PT IRS deadline for E-Filing

Reveiwed and updated January 10, 2012 for 2011 tax year.

28 thoughts on “How to Create 1099-MISC Forms and File Online with the IRS”

  1. Hello Pinyo

    I used QB in the past but I thought I ask your opinion on the companies that handle the print, mail and e-filing service online. The last year I used http://www.WageFiling.com and that service allowed me to import my data from QB, instantly print my recipient copies on regular laser paper and they efiled for me for around $3. It did save time from me having to buy forms for my software. Do you think this is double duty by not totally utilizing QB or a good option? I only have 4 employees and 7-8 contractors I have to issue 1099’s for.

    Thanks! I’ll keep reading


  2. @Terry – You’re welcome. I used this service last year for 2 companies and it really helped me (especially because I was too late to do the 1099 by paper). I am using the same service again this year and the ability to use last year data saves me a lot of time. Use it before 1/15 and it will only cost $25 vs the normal $39.

  3. @Luis – I am not sure. The most I have done with the system is about 10 forms. I assume it’s unlimited because it’s a flat fee structure. You could try giving them a call and ask.

  4. I’m a newbie at this. How many different 1099’s do you send to each contractor (Copy 1-2-B) I don’t see acopy to be submitted with Federal taxes. Am I missing something? Arline

  5. Arline – The application only creates 2 forms (a recipient’s copy and a state copy), there is no Federal copy because you’re not required to submit 1099-MISC to the IRS. It’s up to the employer to send in that information separately either via paper format with 1096 Form or using E-File.

  6. But filing 1099s is easy. Why are you forced to pay for software simply because the IRS doesn’t make the forms available. Sounds like BS to me, and just another way for big software companies to make money.

    • @Erik – The IRS does make the forms available. I found it more convenient to do everything online and choose to pay the $25.

  7. I use one online service https://www.onlinefiletaxes.com/ for e-filing my 1099s. I like how they print and mail recipient copies. Their cost is the lowest in the industry. I don’t know why anyone would want to buy software and pay for the upgrades every year. Just use the online service and get done in minutes.

  8. My 2 cents;

    I have used Intuit 1099 filing services in the past before intuit acquired them and they were operating as http://www.paycycle.com. My 2 cents: its way too expensive if you are filing just few 1099s.

    For last few years I have been using http://www.tax1099.com for 1099 MISC and this year i have used over 600 recipient filing for 1099-k form using same site.

    I have intuit ProAdvisor subscription for payroll and QB (package) but still prefer to use of the these sites for efile. I personally feel that QB is trying to stretch and fit to the online filing by acquiring new or smaller companies (such as paycycle.com) but these smaller companies like tax1099.com or http://www.1099online.com offers much easier and economical filing services.

  9. I would just like to print 1099 Misc forms for a few contractors and was wondering If there is a way to enter the data, print the forms so I can mail them both to the contractor and to the IRS and my state agency myself. I have my taxes prepared but normally do my own 1099’s, however I am almost to the deadline of getting them mailed and forgot to order the paper forms. Is it possible to just print a 1099 M without efiling it?

  10. @Rhunget – Yes, you can print 1099-MISC for your contractors using Intuit without eFiling. However, the IRS filing muse be done electronically, or via paper forms that you can request from the IRS. I am not sure about your State filing requirement.

  11. I have always preferred to file my 1099 misc forms through a service provider. it saves me tremendous time and I can focus on my other imp tasks. I did lot of research for a service provider and found 2..1099pro and 1099online. I liked http://www.1099pro.com but found them to be expensive. so I opted for http://www.1099online.com for my filing. It was pretty simple and took more or less 5 minutes. I filed 10 misc 1099 forms and it was very very economical. I think efiling is always better than doing the filing yourself…I speak from my 1099 filing experience.

  12. @Pinyo You can print for your record but IRS won’t accept if you mail this copy that is downloaded from the website to them.

    Filers have few options when it comes to papere file/mailing paper form:

    1) Phone 800-TAX-FORM and you can get free form then find out a printer that can align and print or use a typewriter

    2) Buy form from office depot/sams club/costco that usually comes in the stack of 20 even if you need one.

    efiling is again is the best option – fast and economical but no hassel of mailing. I have tried this year http://www.tax1099.com and it worked well for me.

  13. I received a 1099-Misc today, March 16, 2012, the only problem is I believe they were supposed to issue to me by Jan. 31, 2012. My only issue is that I have already filed my taxes for the year. What can happen in this situation?

  14. If you have already filed your taxes then you need to amend it and include the 1099-MISC income. Usually this can be done by using a 1040-X form.

    Hope this helps.

  15. @Robert – If you already accounted for the income reported in the 1099-MISC and the amount matches, then you do not have to do anything. However, if you didn’t account for it or the amounts do not match, then you have to file an amended tax return.

  16. @Pinyo-I have already accounted for the 1099, after going over my books, as extra income without a 1099, does this apply or should I go ahead and file an amendment and adjust both amount, subtracting from the extra income and adding the 1099-misc?

  17. @Robert – If you already accounted for the income, then you’re fine. I didn’t receive all of my 1099s, but I accounted for all the income and my CPA didn’t have any problem with it.

  18. I work for a small business and did E-File. A contractor just called me & we forgot to issue her a 1099. What do I do? Also, other contractors want copies since they lost theirs, how do I do this?

  19. Wagefiling.com allowed me to print my recipient copies instantly on regular paper which was handy since we were out of forms. Not great for a ton of forms but the best service I ever used for 1-2.

  20. what happens if my wives employer sent the wrong amount she was paid on the 1099 misc. we have a spread sheet with the correct amount and her invoices for hours worked, pay and total paid. Can we file, he is being very uncooperative,saying he can’t obtain new 1099 misc fors and we may not obtain the information until april 15th. please advise

  21. I’m an author with royalty income. The publisher paid fees for videos and models but sent me the check to disburse. When I received a 1099 from them, I requested a corrected 1099 to be sent to me removing the fees that were paid out. They wouldn’t comply as the check came to me even though it was dispersed. Long story short, I had to file 1099’s for these services. The intuit site was simple and allowed me to file within about 15 minutes. Too bad I missed the filing deadline. Great product.

  22. After entering the information and print the 1099’s, can you go back and make corrections if necessary without doing
    a corrected 1099?

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