2019 IRS Tax Tables: Federal Income Tax Brackets and Rates

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The following article contains information about the federal income tax rates for 2019. You’ll use these tax tables to help you calculate your 2019 taxes in early 2020.

Federal Income Tax Rates (2019)

The table below gives you the marginal tax brackets for single, married couples filing jointly, and head of household.

Tax Rate
SingleMarried, filing jointlyHead of Household
10%$0 to $9,700$0 to $19,400$0 to $13,850
12%$9,701 to $39,475$19,401 to $78,950$13,851 to $52,850
22%$39,476 to $84,200$78,951 to $168,400$52,851 to $84,200
24%$84,201 to $160,725$168,401 to $321,450$84,201 to $160,700
32%$160,726 to $204,100$321,451 to $408,200$160,701 to $204,100
35%$204,101 to $510,300$408,201 to $612,350$204,101 to $510,300
37%$510,301 or more$612,351 or more$510,301 or more

Source: IRS.gov

Long-Term Capital Gains Tax Rates (2019)

Capital Gains
Tax Rate &
Qualified Dividends
SingleMarried, filing jointlyHead of Household
0%$0 to $39,475$0 to $78,950$0 to $52,850
15%$39,476 to $510,300$78,951 to $612,350$52,851 to $510,300
20%$510,301 or more$612,351 or more$510,301 or more

Source: IRS.gov

Social Security Benefits Subject to Tax (2019)

Percentage Subject to TaxSingleMarried, filing jointly
0%$0 to $24,999$0 to $31,999
50%$25,000 to $34,000$32,000 to $44,000
80%$34,001 or more$44,001to $39,375

Source: SSA.gov

How to Calculate Your Tax Liability

Let’s take a moment to show you how to calculate your Federal income tax liability so that you can better understand how tax brackets work. Let’s look at the following example using 2019 rates, suppose your taxable income (after deductions and exemptions) is exactly $100,000 and your status is Single; then your tax would be calculated like this:

$9,700 – $0=$9,700 x 10%=$970.00
$39,475 – $9,700=$29,775 x 12%=$3,573.00
$84,200 – $39,475=$44,525 x 22%=$9.839.50
$100,000 – $84,200=$15,800 x 24%=$3,792.00
  • Marginal Tax Rate: The $100,000 taxable income puts you in the 24% tax bracket, but 24% is your marginal tax rate.
  • Effective Tax Rate: Since you’re paying a total of $18,174.50 for your $100,000 taxable income, your effective tax rate is 18.17%.

Although the information in this article helps summarize the changes in Federal Income Tax, you should consult the official IRS.gov web site and a professional tax advisor as needed.

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Smarkis P. Elias
Smarkis P. Elias
10 years ago

I withdrew from a local Bank the whole of my Traditional IRA, which is $67884.21 with a check that is still in my position. a)Can I deposit $37,884.21 into my Savings Account? and invest $30000.00 in another IRA? Or, b) Can I cash the whole amount?
The question is, how much Tax I have to pay in each case?
I am a single man, 82 years old. Do I have to pay any penalty? Thank you, very much.

9 years ago

Hello, I am a 63 yr old single female. I would like to start working part time, and supplementing my income with my 401k. Im trying to figure out how to do so, while keeping my Taxes in check. I would like to be able to have a $4000-$4500.00, Monthly Net amount. I think if I bring home around 3500.00 monthly and withdraw $3,000 from my 401k Monthly, I can pay my taxes and purchase a supplemental health insurance policy. To calculate I used a $6000. Gross Income x 30% tax minus a health Premium. Is this the correct way… Read more »

Ayen Cece
Ayen Cece
9 years ago

HI! I would like to know how much federal tax and state tax do We have to pay if my husband and I will make $160,000.000 together for 2014?
No kids but with a house.
Pls help

9 years ago

If I earn $79,000 a year how much will my monthly check be after Pennsylvania Taxes? I want know if I am able to afford a monthly rent of $1800.

2019 IRS Tax Tables: Federal Income Tax Brackets and Rates

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