27 Best iPhone Apps for Personal Finance

iPhones are often criticized as expensive and ostentatious. Why buy a smart phone when you can make calls from a $10 pay as you go phone? It may seem like a waste of money, but used properly an iPhone can be a powerful tool in your personal finance arsenal. Here is just a small sampling of the best personal finance applications that are available for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Finances and Banking iPhone Apps

  1. Mint.com iPhone App — Mint is a well known personal finance management site, but its’ app is the #1 app that was mentioned by iPhone users while I was researching this article. On my own iPhone, I use Mint more often than any other personal finance app. It has a clean design, and is extremely user friendly.
  2. Pageonce – This app helps you keep track of all your bills, when they’re due, and track how they fluctuate over time. This can help you avoid late fees and interest rates, and also monitor your spending. By keeping a close eye on your finances, you’ll save big.
  3. Bill Tracker (and Bill Tracker Lite) — I use my calendar for bill tracking but this is a simple, and well designed app that keeps track of when bills are due.
  4. Debt Tracker Pro (and Debt Tracker Lite) — Trying to get out of debt? This app helps you track your credit cards, and other debts, and use the popular debt snowball method to pay off debt. Automatically calculates payment amounts to take the guess work out of paying off debt. Much prettier than an Excel spreadsheet.
  5. Snap Tax by TurboTax — You can do just about anything on your iPhone, so why not your taxes?! TurboTax brings you a $9.99 app that will help you file your taxes quickly and easily.
  6. Paypal on the iPhone — Need to send cash on the go, pay for that item you stalked and won on Ebay? Use your existing Paypal account to send money to anyone!
  7. Wells Fargo Mobile — Offers both a personal app, and one for business customers. The business one is especially useful since it tells you about pending transactions, and even allows you to approve payments. Perfect for the mobile CEO.
  8. Bank of America Mobile Banking — With BoA’s app you can transfer money between accounts, send money to other BoA customers, track spending, and check balances. This is one of the most handy user friendly apps I reviewed.
  9. USAA Mobile App for the iPhone — USAA is, in my opinion, one of the best companies in the US. Their app lives up to that standard, providing you with an easy to use interface, and the most awesome feature ever: the ability to deposit a check via your phone!
  10. More banks: ING, Discover, Chase, and more — I haven’t tried every bank’s app, but each one is different. Would love to hear your feedback in the comments if you have a bank with an app you find handy.
  11. Yahoo! Finance for iPhone — Want everything finance at your fingertips? This app has it all. And for the pricetag (free) well worth downloading. Quotes, tracking stocks, news, and more.
  12. Financial News from CNBC, CNNMoney, Bloomberg and more — Get financial news from your favorite source directly on your phone. Many include latest news, stock tickers, and video.
  13. iWallet (Expense and Income tracker) — Like a budget in your pocket! This brand new app tracks expenses and income, helps you create a customized budget, and keeps tabs on your remaining balance.

Office on your iPhone

  1. Expensify iPhone App — Expensify is a free personal finance online website that helps people keep track of expenses and spending.   The Expensify app scan paper receipts and log expenses while you are on the road. It also can sync with a variety of accounting software including QuickBooks.
  2. Financer — This app is very simple, and easy to use. It acts as a mobile checkbook ledger. Perfect for entering in cash spending, or tracking expenses on a business trip.
  3. Shoeboxed iPhone App — This clever app allows you snap pictures of receipts to automatically generate expense reports. The photos are auto-categorized for expense tracking, reimbursements, and deduction claims. Another great one for freelancers, and people who work on the go.
  4. QuikOffice for iPhone — Allows you to create, edit, and share spreadsheets and Word documents. Great for creating keeping track of personal or business spending.
  5. FedEx Mobile — Checking for deliveries, tracking orders, and setting up a pickup are all features on this handy free app.
  6. UPS Mobile — Track packages, find UPS services, estimate shipping costs, and create shipping labels with this handy app.
  7. USPS.com Mobile — Find USPS collection boxes, Automated Postal Service boxes, track packages, and more.

Shopping and Deals

  1. Gilt on the Go app for iPhone — Like high end designer goods without the designer price tag? Gilt can bring you everything from luxury hotels at rock bottom prices to the latest handbag at 50% the retail cost. The app notifies you when a new sale starts.
  2. Checkpoints — The “App that Pays You Back” specializes in rewarding shoppers for scanning barcodes in the store, with no purchase necessary.  The app’s newest feature is “[email protected],” which offers points for scanning common household products.  Now you can earn rewards that range gift cards to an iPads without even leaving your house.
  3. Amazon Mobile for iPhone — I used the Amazon app over and over again during the holiday season. I was able to save over $200 by using the app to price check various gifts. 1 click buying makes purchasing that last minute anniversary gift a breeze.
  4. QuickTip Tip Calculator — Best tip calculator in the app store. Easy to change the % of the tip, and my favorite feature? The round up and round down button. As a former waitress I can tell you getting change from table after table stinks.
  5. Yowza! — Coupons on your phone? Greg Grunberg has you covered! One of the stars of Heroes, Greg created this app to help the disorganized masses score the same coupon deals those coupon masters brag about. It’s location based, so you may not have many deals, but they are always expanding, so keep checking!
  6. Zillow iPhone App — If you’re house hunting this app is invaluable. You can find  out pricing info, neighborhood info, and more! Keep in mind Zillow’s estimates may be distorted, and look to actual sales prices of homes.

What are your favorite finance apps?

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8 thoughts on “27 Best iPhone Apps for Personal Finance”

  1. iExpense it is the best thing that’s happened to my iPhone, and my financial life. It’s a great budgeting tool. I also use iBank Mobile because I use iBank for Mac. If you have the desktop iBank app, the mobile app is a great addition.

  2. Budget-Planner looks very promising, just from the tutorial looks great, after i installed it i was able to see how much money i was going to have a month from now. very cool app.

  3. I found an app that helps me to decide how much I need to save, and then spending the rest, instead of seeing how much I spend and then saving the rest.
    Its a New way to save money on site just seconds before spending it. But you need to track your expenses every day

  4. I appreciate your list Kelly – thanks. I too found myself with a bunch of apps for different areas that were really related (like personal finance, shopping, travel, etc.). I got tired of jumping in and out of different apps, and having to re-enter data in multiple places. Now I’m using LifeTopix because it’s a single app that supports all those components and exchanges data automatically between them. It’s finally allowed my iPhone to live up to its promise to really save me time.

  5. I’m surprised that CashControl wasn’t mentioned. It did miracles for my personal finances and is one of the best personal finance apps. For me it worked perfectly.

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