Top 10 Financial Blogs to Follow In 2010 By Category

Today, I’d like to share with everyone blogs that I read and think you should check out.  For each blog, I will provide details on what is great about it so that you can understand better which blogs might be best for you.  I hope that the following blog recommendations will help you find additional helpful resources on the web.  I also hope that you will add your own recommendations in the comments.  Without further ado…

Best Economic & Financial Insight Blog

Zero hedge is truly an amazing blog with some serious insight into the economy and the financial sector.  While much of the information might be over the head of your regular personal finance blog reader, I believe it is good for individuals to expand their knowledge and read about some more complex topics.  Additionally, one of my favorite aspects of zero hedge is the informed readership; as such, you can learn as much from the many comments for each post as you can from the post itself in many cases.

Who should read zero hedge:

  • Individuals looking for in depth analysis on the markets, the economy and monetary policy
  • Individuals who want to be a part of a well informed community of readers

Best Investing & Trading Blog

My favorite blog on trading and investing is Fund My Mutual Fund.  While trades and investments are done through a model mutual fund, the analysis is excellent.  The author Mark presents in depth analysis on many individual companies as well as broad stock market insight.  He details every trade and documents his performance, which is insanely good.

Who should read Fund My Mutual Fund

  • Individuals looking to learn about active investing & trading
  • Individuals looking for companies to invest in outside the large, well known companies
  • Individuals who want to learn some basic technical analysis

Best Frugality Blog

Early Retirement Extreme is the journey of an individual who “retired” very early in life by slashing his expenses down to the bare minimum and living on the money he saved while working.  The author discusses his journey to financial independence which included saving the majority of his income over several years and exchanging a materialistic lifestyle for one of frugality and freedom.  He provides great advice on how to save money in various areas of life and a great perspective on living a very frugal life.

Who should read Early Retirement Extreme:

  • Individuals looking to embrace a more frugal lifestyle
  • Individuals who want to retire early

Best Blog For Young People

20smoney is my blog.  It’s purpose is to educate young people to take the financial situation to the next level.  20smoney.com is more than a personal finance blog; rather, it assumes you have the basics down and focuses on the “next level” topics with regards to increasing income, generating better returns on investments and other economic related topics.

Who should read 20smoney:

  • Young people in decent financial position that are looking for the next level in personal finance
  • Young people who want to learn how to invest on their own
  • Individuals who want to develop additional income streams

Best Personal Finance Blog

Get Rich Slowly is a staple in the personal finance blogosphere.  I attempted to focus more on lesser known blogs, but I can’t ignore GRS.  It’s simply a great blog with great personal finance stories and advice.

Who should read GRS:

  • Anybody interested in anything personal finance

Best Investing Blog From Professionals

Euro Pacific Capital offers some insightful blog posts from their President Peter Schiff as well as some of their other advisers and recommended authors.  The blog posts include excellent economic and political commentary as well as stock market analysis.

Who should read Euro Pac:

  • Economic “realists” who don’t buy the mainstream news
  • Investors who might be nervous about the US markets and economic future

Best ETF Blogger

If you’re looking to learn about ETFs, I’d recommend checking out Darwin’s Finance.  The author over at this blog writes about personal finance topics, but tends to consistently write quality articles on the various ETF offerings available to investors.

Who should read Darwin’s Finance:

  • Investors looking to learn more ETF investing

Best “Getting Out Of Debt” Story & Blog

Debt Kid started with $300k in debt and is clawing his way out of that hole and into financial prosperity.  His blog includes some great personal finance topics and articles.  He has a high quality blog with lots of readers that you should check out.

Who should read Debt Kid:

  • Individuals looking for motivation to get out of debt
  • Individuals looking for personal finance advice from somewhere who has “been there”

Best Christian-Based Finance Blog

ChristianPF is a great blog that I read very frequently.  The author provides a Biblical context for some sound financial advice.

Who should read ChristianPF:

  • Christians who need financial advice
  • Individuals looking for a Biblically based perspective on money

Best Finance Blog From A Female Perspective

FruGal is a very popular blog written by a female.  The blog’s content is very unique in my opinion since the personal finance world tends to be made up by mostly men.

Who should read FruGal:

  • All women!
  • Anyone looking for a different type of personal finance content & advice

Do you have any other recommendations from the blogosphere?  If so, add your comment and don’t forget to add details like who should read that blog and what that blog is best for.  Thanks!

23 thoughts on “Top 10 Financial Blogs to Follow In 2010 By Category”

  1. I have been reading financial times and Time more than 20 years and believe all we want to know about money flow is in them.

    Clea Walford,Singapore

  2. Thought I’d mention the blog Money to the Masses


    Fairly new personal finance blog that I came across recently. I like the concept behind it – might be worth a mention as I see you are short on lesser known personal finance blogs in your post.

  3. Great list, I would like to add one more if I may. http://www.linkedFA.com it just launched and I found out about it through a friend. The site is built on transparency and compliance; this is why I like it. On other sites people can push there own private agendas instead of putting the truth first. Check this site out and let me know what you think about it. Of course it is free to sign up.

  4. Hi George, this is John Bishara CMO of linkedFA. Thank for your comments about linkedFA. Please let us know what you think of the site via our feedback button. Constructive criticism is welcome, so let us know how we can make linkedFA even better for you.

  5. I have a client who used blogging to clear part of her debt and it took six months to start working but when it did she made a tidy amount.

  6. Hey,

    This place is really full of great list of blogs.

    I have another one here http://thefinance.sg/. It’s a collection of articles from various local bloggers who comes from different walks of life but share one common passion and that’s personal finance and investing.

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  8. Its nice to get a list of different financial blogs here. I think its more informative for financial students, experts and other people.

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