Money Saving Tips for Online Shopping

Money Saving Tips for Online Shopping

My wife just got a $26.20 Big Fat Check from Ebates. My sister told me about Ebates a few times before, but I didn’t pay any attention…until my wife tried it and got the check. Since I am all excited about getting the check, I figure I should put together some money saving tips for online shopping:

Ebates Check

Discounts and Rebates

  • Ebates — Get $5 bonus for signing up an account. Sign-in to Ebates, shop at over 800 merchant partners, and every 3 months they will cut you a “Big Fat Check” if you saved more than $5.01 (see how Ebates works).
  • Credit Card Shopping Networks — The two cards I have are Discover Card and Citi Card. Both of them offers shopping program.
    • ShopDiscover — Offers 5-20% cash back bonus at nearly 100 major brand name merchant partners. Just go through their links and the extra cash back is applied to your Cashback Bonus account.
    • Citi Bonus Cash Center (SM) — This is similar to Discover program. You can earn an average of 5% additional cash back when you shop online, by phone or at participating retail stores. There are over 400 leading retailers in Citi’s network.
  • Upromise.com — I have an Upromise 529 Plan. They also offer a similar program called Upromise Rewards, where you can shop from over 550 retailers through them. The money saved is added to your 529 Plan.
  • Employee Discounts Program — This will depends on your employer. But it could be worthwhile to ask your boss or the HR manager if one is available for you. I work for a major corporation and I am eligible for discount, not only on my employer’s products, but also on appliances, automobiles, banking & financial services, cell phones & pagers, computers & electronics, office supplies, and travel & relocation.
  • Online Coupon Codes — Moreover, some sites will alow you to save even more by entering a coupon code, so be sure to check out our coupon codes for additional savings.

Searches and Deals

  • DealScans — This web site keeps track of best deals from major online retailers. You can do basic search using product name, advanced search, or use one of their pre-defined searches: highest rated deals, best deals (%), best deals ($), or cheap filler items.
  • Google Product Search BETA (formerly Froogle) — I used to use this feature a lot when it was Froogle. Although you can find really good deals using this tool, it takes a lot of time. The one thing I didn’t like about the tool is that there seems to be a lot of predatory retailers listed in the search results.

If you are still doing some last minute shopping, I hope these tips will help you save some money!

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10 thoughts on “Money Saving Tips for Online Shopping”

  1. I’ve saved quite a bit of money with Ebates, and I just signed up for PriceProtectr. I just spent a lot of money on Amazon, so hopefully some savings will come through! Great tips!

  2. Thank you for the comments everyone.

    @ChristianPF – give it a try! They are giving $10 special until 12/31, so this is the time to do it.

    @SGM – $100! Wow, you shopped a lot. With PayPal, you have to pay fee. May be EFT would be better.

  3. The online price protector schemes are okay especially if you are making a large purchase, but they just play on the fact that you MIGHT find the product cheaper elesewhere within a given timescale, which in the vast majority of cases is simply not the case, although I’m not completely against it. What will they bring in next Marriage Protection Insurance, so that if you marry someone and find them completely different to what they said they would be you can get a refund on divorce costs?

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