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Money Matters for All Ages – The Chaotic Thirties

Money Matters for All Ages – The Chaotic Thirties

This article is part of the Money Matters for All Ages group writing project being conducted by the M-Network and other blogging friends. See the bottom of this article for the full list of participants and […]

6 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Finance

One of my favorite motto is: “simpler is better.” I think it’s crazy how someone like Madison can have 181 accounts and still live a sane life (hi, Madison). Since she shared her strategy on how […]

My Best and Worst Financial Decisions

My Best and Worst Financial Decisions

This is our first group writing project from members of the M-Network. I this writing project we share with our readers our best financial decisions and worst financial mistakes. Why make your own mistakes when you […]

The Seven Deadly Sins of Personal Finance

The Seven Deadly Sins of Personal Finance

Last week, the post “Lazy Man and Jealousy” made me think about the Seven Deadly Sins. I am not a Christian. My first introduction to the Seven Deadly Sins was (embarrassingly enough) from the movie Se7en […]

6 Cool Financial Math Tricks and Rules

Once in a while, you will come across mathematical shortcuts or trick to help you better manage your finances. Here are 6 cool financial math tricks and rules that I know about. These are pretty common, […]

Powerful Life Experiences About Money

As we grow up, we are constantly bombarded with experiences and emotions. Some are so powerful that they change us and make us who we are today. Take a moment and move yourself back through time. […]

Wealth Building Made REAL Simple

I want to build my wealth, but I found many personal finance books to be boring and intimidating. They usually go into great detail about setting your financial goals, budgeting, etc. — but they don’t tell […]


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