Financial Planning

Financial Planning is a broad topic that spans your entire financial life. These articles cover your early finances, the retirement saving and planning process, the related topic of Social Security, your retirement, and finally estate planning. Additionally, check out related articles in these sections: investing, savings, and real estate and homeownership.

Financial Planning is a subsection of asset management.

Is Suze Orman Right, Can You Be Your Own Financial Planner?

If you watch Suze Orman’s TV programs you will hear her comment that people can be their own financial planner. Before I answer this question, I think I need to clarify what type of financial planner […]

Didn’t Save Enough for Retirement? 10 Ideas to Retire on Less

Didn’t Save Enough for Retirement? 10 Ideas to Retire on Less

In How Much Money Do You Need to Retire?, I demonstrated a way to estimate how much money you need to save for retirement. When I discussed this with my wife, she asked, “what if we […]

A Closer Look at the 80% Retirement Rule

In Using Simple Rules to Predict your Retirement Needs, I passively mentioned using 80% rule to calculate retirement needs. You may have heard this rule before; here is a variation of it: “You need 80% of […]

22 Money Maximizing Moves You Can Do Today

22 Money Maximizing Moves You Can Do Today

Now that the benefits enrollment for my company is over, I can start thinking about things that I could do before the end of the year to make my money work harder for me. Here are […]

What’s Wrong with this 401k Asset Allocation?

Recently I spoke to a friend about his retirement savings, and we ended up looking at his 401k portfolio. Although he isn’t able to contribute the maximum amount each year, he contributes enough to take full […]

Choosing the Right Account for Common Savings Goals

Choosing the Right Account for Common Savings Goals

In the previous lesson with my wife, I taught her about various investment vehicles available at our disposal. This time we discussed choosing the right tool for the job; that is, choosing the best investment option […]

Money Lesson #1: Basic Finance, Cash Flow, and Risk Management

Money Lesson #1: Basic Finance, Cash Flow, and Risk Management

A few nights ago, it dawned on me that being the sole handler of our family finance is our biggest liability. That is a huge risk, if something ever happens to me. Even if I take […]

New Baby Financial Checklist

This will be a short post. What I wanted to do is to outline all the financial matters I need to take care of for the baby due this December. As I do more research, I […]

$1 Million by 2017. What’s Your Financial Goal?

$1 Million by 2017. What’s Your Financial Goal?

Before I started this blog, I did not really have a good financial goal. Actually, my financial goal was similar to 99.9% of other Americans…I wanted to be rich. But what is rich? InĀ Are you wealthy? […]

Are You Wealthy? Here’s a Test

To many people, wealthy means having an abundance of material possessions. Wealthy people are those that own big houses, luxury cars, yachts, expensive watches, etc. But is that really wealthy? For me, I would consider myself […]


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