Job and Career

For most people, your job is the most important piece of the income generation puzzle. As such, it is an area that we cover in our personal finance management guide. In addition, you may want to check out articles about building additional income and business and entrepreneurship.

Job and Career is a subsection of income management.

How to Deal with a Job Loss

As someone who’s on the brink of losing his job, I have been doing my research and looking for employment opportunities. I can tell you that there are jobs out there, but it’s not easy to […]

Seven Traits of Successful People

Ever wonder why some people can never do wrong? I have been observing successful people around me, and experimenting with different ideas. Here are the seven traits that I’ve found work well for me in many […]

What is a Certified Financial Planner? An Interview with Ciaran McKeever

I have a secret desire to be a professional financial planner one day (well, now it’s not so secret anymore). Of course, this would take me in a completely direction from my current career. Because of […]

6 Ideas to Protect Your Greatest Asset

6 Ideas to Protect Your Greatest Asset

Recently, my friend Patrick from Cash Money Life wrote, “Your Greatest Asset is the Ability to Create Income.” In it, he said: “What is your greatest asset? Most people think it is their house. They are […]

How to Keep Your Skills Current

How to Keep Your Skills Current

In “Getting A Good Job Is A Matter Of Luck?“, Minimum Wage asked, “How do you keep your skills current if you have a menial dead-end job?” I believe that despite your situation, where there’s a […]

Getting a Good Job is a Matter of Luck?

Getting a Good Job is a Matter of Luck?

It always pains me to see good people stuck in jobs that are obviously well under their capabilities. On the opposite end, how some people ended up with their great jobs occasionally surprise me. This made […]

Time with Family: Why Do You Work So Hard?

Occasionally, I like to share some of the stories that floating around the Net and email systems with my blog readers. This is a great story that my wife sent me (may be it’s a hint). […]

The Three Stonecutters

The Three Stonecutters

When I mentioned that I failed to get in to a medical school, Jonathan of My Money Blog said, “The main thing is that if you go into medicine for the money, you’ll be much less […]


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