Top 50 High Interest Savings Accounts and Money Market Rates

The following table lists banks and credit unions that offers the highest yield savings account and money market rates as of today. To get more information, you can follow the link to the bank website, or use the or icons.

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Murray, UT
Money Market10/23/140.90$00.000.00YES

Midvale, UT
Money Market10/23/140.85$00.000.00YES

Morristown, NJ
Money Market10/23/140.85$01500.0015.00YES
ableBanking, a division of Northeast Bank
Lewiston, ME
Money Market10/23/141.02$2500.000.00NO
Jacksonville, FL
Money Market10/23/141.01$1,5000.000.00YES
Mutual of Omaha Bank
Manhattan Beach, CA
Money Market10/23/140.85$5,0005000.0010.00YES
First Internet Bank of Indiana
Indianapolis, IN
Money Market10/23/140.80$1004000.005.00NO
EH National Bank
Beverly Hills, CA
Money Market10/23/140.80$1,00010000.0020.00YES
TIAA Direct
Charlotte, NC
Money Market10/23/140.80$250.000.00YES
Bank of Internet USA
San Diego, CA
Money Market10/23/140.75$1000.000.00YES
Union Federal Savings Bank
North Providence, RI
Money Market10/23/140.75$2,5000.000.00NO
Discover Bank
Riverwoods, IL
Money Market10/23/140.70$2,5002500.0010.00YES
Miami, FL
Money Market10/23/140.65$100100.005.00NO
Lone Star Bank
Houston, TX
Money Market10/23/140.60$2,5002500.0010.00YES
California First National Bank
Irvine, CA
Money Market10/23/140.50$5,0005000.0020.00YES
AloStar Bank of Commerce
Birmingham, AL
Money Market10/23/140.50$1,0001000.0010.00YES
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Money Market10/23/140.45$1,0000.000.00YES
Intervest National Bank
New York, NY
Money Market10/23/140.30$2,5002500.0012.00YES
State Farm Bank
Bloomington, IL
Money Market10/23/140.30$1,000500.0010.00YES
Goldwater Bank
Scottsdale, AZ
Money Market10/23/140.26$1,0000.000.00YES
Pleasanton, CA
Money Market10/23/140.20$5,0000.000.00NO
NewDominion Bank
Charlotte, NC
Money Market10/23/140.15$5002500.000.00YES
Fidelity Bk of FL, N.A
Merritt Island, FL
Money Market10/23/140.15$2,5000.000.00YES
5 Star Bank
Colorado Springs, CO
Money Market10/23/140.10$1,0000.000.00YES
American Bank
Allentown, PA
Money Market10/23/140.10$1001000.005.00YES
Herndon, VA
Money Market10/23/140.10$10,00010000.0010.00YES
San Antonio, TX
Money Market10/23/140.10$10,0000.000.00YES
Citizens Trust Bank
Atlanta, GA
Money Market10/23/140.05$1000.000.00YES
Astoria Bank
Long Island, NY
Money Market10/23/140.05$2,5002500.008.00YES
Lake Success, NY
Money Market10/20/140.90$25,0000.000.00YES
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  1. Mie Mie Aung says:

    How come UFB’s money market savings account with 1.25% APY is not included in the list of the top high yield savings accounts? Thanks.

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