How to Earn Money from Your Hobbies

Many people feel like hobbies should be the first thing to go when it’s time to tighten the budget. While many hobbies might be expensive to maintain that does not mean you necessarily have to give them up. In fact, your favorite method of stress relief might even be able to help you through a tough economic time by creating a side business from your hobby.

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Turn Hobby Into Profit

Here are some ideas for making your hobby work for you:


If you are a regular knitter, quilter, crocheter, or scrapbooker, you know that the materials for creating your favorite fabric arts and photo crafts can often cost a pretty penny. Luckily, there are ways to make these projects pay.

If you are a quick worker creating an online shop front for will give you the opportunity to sell your crafts to others. Even if you tend to complete your projects slowly, the internet can still help you to make money from your crafting skills. Start a blog about your crafting and include tutorials on how to do what you do. Both and offer ad revenue to bloggers, so your crafting blog can help you earn rather than lose money on your hobby.


Whether your green thumb prefers vegetables or flowers, you can find ways to make your gardening habit fruitful. If you grow your own vegetables, don’t just give away your excess zucchini and tomatoes at the office. Sell your homegrown and organic produce to neighbors, family, and friends. They will appreciate knowing where their food is coming from, and you can offer a better deal than the grocery store while still being able to sustain your gardening habit. If you have a great eye for what flowers will brighten up a yard, offer your services. Many individuals would love to have a garden as beautiful as yours, but they have no idea how to go about doing it. That’s where you come in.


If you live, eat, and breath football, soccer, baseball, hockey or any other sport, you can find a way to help make your hobby pay. If you like kids, coaching is a great way to enjoy your sport while making some money. If you’d prefer to work with the adults, find out if the local teams need referees or umpires. Even if you’re more of a spectator than a player, you can make money from your favorite sport. Official scorekeepers are required at professional and college games. Becoming a scorekeeper can keep you front and center for your favorite team.


If you love to play an instrument or sing, you’ve probably already thought about how to get gigs. In addition to weddings and other events, consider joining a local theater’s orchestra or playing at restaurants with live music nights. Rather than play an instrument, do you own more albums than you can count? If you’re on top of the latest music (or are a collector of vintage music), why not take your albums on the road and become a DJ for different events? No matter what your musical preference, you will find individuals who will enjoy hearing your favorite tunes.

Making your hobbies pay takes a little creativity and some patience. Luckily, that’s exactly what it takes to make a hobby enjoyable, too.

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By , on Apr 7, 2011
Emily Guy Birken
Emily Guy Birken is a freelance writer, recovering English teacher, and stay-at-home-mom. She lives in Lafayette, Indiana, with her mechanical engineer husband and infant son. Her musings on life and parenting can be found at The SAHMnambulist.

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  1. Erkan Orme says:

    If you are interested in making money from a hobby but don’t know where to start, think outside the box. What skills do you have that others don’t? Define the term “hobby” broadly. Find something that you can do that most others cannot, something for which other people might be willing to pay.

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