6 Great Financial Resources for Beginning Investors

Have you recently started investing and would like to learn more about stocks, bonds, and mutual funds? If so, you have come to the right place. You can find a lot of information about investing for free right on the Internet. Here is a list of 7 of the best financial sites for investors that are new to the investing game. These sites will help you with everything from finding new investment ideas to assessing the risk in your portfolio.


Morningstar is known throughout the investment industry for its in depth research reports. It’s a great research site for investors trying to learn more about individual stocks, mutual funds, and exchange traded funds. The mutual fund research is especially useful because it can help you pick the right fund for your retirement plan portfolio. Morningstar makes it easy to pick investments by reviewing fund ratings, descriptions, and investing returns. It’s easy to follow Morningstar’s analyst star ratings system. A number of their services are free and some of the more advanced ones have a nominal fee.

The Motley Fool

The Motley Fool is one of the most popular sites for beginning, intermediate, and experienced investors. Investors offer investment ideas and pitch their best bull or bear cases for individual equities. You can also read interesting articles on investing, retirement planning, and personal finance. They also have a premium service for investors that are willing to pay for investment ideas. The Motley Fool has enough free ideas that most investors will not need to pay for the premium services.

Yahoo! Finance

Yahoo! Finance gives you access to any article associated with a particular stock of fund. You can get free real time prices on Yahoo! Finance. This is a useful resource since most online brokerages charge a fee for real time pricing. Yahoo! Finance has free statistics on earnings, dividends, growth rates and other useful metrics for investing. You can find out just about anything that you want to know about a company by looking at a company’s balance sheet and income statement.


Stockpickr is the site to go to for investors looking for new stock ideas. You can uncover some hidden gems that you may have never heard about. You can exchange ideas with other investors and build your own stock portfolio. Stockpickr is a good resource for investors trying to build small, midcap, and dividend stock portfolios.

Investing in Bonds

It can be difficult to find a good site for learning about investing in bonds because bonds are in often neglected topic in the financial education arena. Investing in Bonds teaches the bond basics and helps investors get started buying and selling bonds. You can learn about the differences between municipal, corporate, junk, and agency bonds.

Smart Stocks

Smart Stocks helps you learn how to invest without actually risking your own money. It’s a live stock market game that uses real stock symbols and prices. You get $1 million dollars in virtual cash to build your very own diversified portfolio. You can discuss ideas with other investors and compete against other traders. Once you feel comfortable investing, you can start investing for real at any discount broker of your choosing.

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By , on Aug 10, 2010
Mark Riddix
Mark Riddix is the founder and president of New Horizons Financial Management, an independent investment advisory firm that provides personalized investing and asset management consulting. Mark is a regular contributor to Seeking Alpha and has written financial columns for Baltimore and Washington, D.C. area newspapers. Mark publishes his own financial blog, BuylikeBuffett.com and has written the ebook How To Make $2,000 A Month Online.

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  1. Moneyedup says:

    Morningstar would be a great site to go to if you are just starting out as an investor. It is unfortunate that The Motley Fool has turned away from its informative articles and has moved in the direction of paid content.

  2. Glen Craig says:

    I used to love The Motley Fool. It’s one of the first sites I read all the time to help me with my personal finances. But then they started to move away from informative articles and more toward paid content.

  3. Jenna says:

    I also like StockTwits for Twitter users. Great way to find a strong community of people investing in the same stocks as you.

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