Update Your Resume Even If You Have a Job

Although I am fairly young, this is the most difficult job market that I can remember or can even imagine. Everyone I speak with seems to have some level of job insecurity. During tough economic times in the past, there were always a few professions that were “safe”: medicine, law, government, etc. These days however, it seems that no one can avoid the potential risk of losing his or her job.  What makes this sentiment even more challenging is the fact that there is a serious lack of available quality employment available should you need to find work. Having said that, it is very important to prepare for the worst, however unlikely that scenario may seem.

Update Resume

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I know that when I am not seeking new employment, I rarely think about my resume, much less editing it — I only think about my resume when I need it most. This is that exact mentality that gets people into trouble. It is imperative that all working professionals keep their resume and cover letter in tip-top shape. This way, if and when the bad news comes, you will be ready to begin your new search the following day instead of spending a week or two just getting ready to do that exact chore.

Your Resume

Not only should you add the responsibilities and achievements you have from your current position, you should also do some research to improve the the language, the key phrases, the description and focus of your work, and how it will be viewed by the hiring managers.

For inspiration and ideas on where to start, see: www.bestsampleresume.com. This site offers many great sample resumes to learn from and use as the backbone of your improved resume.

Note: Remember to keep your resume to one typed page with emphasis on your most recent jobs and how the skills that you have will translate into success at your new position.

You Cover Letter

In some instances, your cover letter may be considered more important to hiring managers than your actual resume. This is what the hiring company sees first and it provides them a glimpse of what they will find in your resume. In your cover letter, you should highlight the key points of your resume and give a convincing argument as to why you should be considered for the position in which you are applying. Keep your focus on the skills the hiring company is seeking to fill the position and how your skills will translate into success for that position.

By keeping your resume and cover letter up to date and polished, you are giving yourself a head start should you need to find new work or if a better opportunity comes along. If you should need to make use of these documents and they are not current, you may find yourself making panicked and unimpressive changes which will serve you no justice when presenting them to hiring companies.

So take the time now to thoughtfully spruce them up, so when the time comes, you’ll be ready to go!

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Josh is a Financial Service Professional who has spent many years trying to make the most of what he has and share his experiences to help others. His specialty is discussing the wants and needs that everyone seeks, but in a fiscally responsible way. To read more from Josh see: http://persfinanceguy.wordpress.com/ or visit him on twitter @PersFinanceGuy.

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  1. Financial Bondage says:

    always good to keep the resume ready these days… no job is secure these days…

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