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Treasury Bonds vs Corporate Bonds

Unlike stocks, which represent equity or ownership in a company, bonds are loans. When you invest in loans, you are actually investing in debt. You loan your money to an organization for a set period of time. The organization uses the money to fund its operations and pays you interest over the life of the loan. … Read more

What Percentage of Portfolio Should Be In International Stocks

What Percentage of Portfolio Should Be In International Stocks 10

If you are new to investing and asset allocation, you might see some recommendations to invest in International Stocks. Still, every person you ask seems to give you a different answer about what percentage of your portfolio should be in international stocks, and why. Personally, I have about 30% to 35% of my portfolio invested … Read more

Investing in Bonds for Beginners

When building an investment portfolio, most people focus on an asset allocation that includes two main types of assets: stocks and bonds. While we hear about stocks all the time (thanks to a financial media fixated on the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500), we don’t really hear much about bonds. However, bonds … Read more

Types of Saving and Investment Vehicles

Many different financial products can help you achieve your saving and investing goals. Each product is better at meeting specific objectives, while others are better for other purposes. When you start investing, it is a good idea to become familiar with the more common ones. I am an experienced investor, so I know many of … Read more